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Be smart don t be duped by fraudulent online pharmacies

Be smart, don't be duped by fraudulent online pharmacies

The dawn of the Internet era has witnessed a revolution of sorts in marketing of different products and the cyberspace has assumed the role of a virtual superstore where an array of products can be bought sitting in the comfort of our homes.

And not just products, the Internet also opened a floodgate of services which include expert advise from specialists in their own fields. Of course, all this comes at a price but the stiff competition between different sites guarantees best deals and ensures that the customer continues to be king!

Online pharmacy has a special place in this scheme of things where numerous websites offer prescription drugs at unbelievable prices and promise generic equivalent of branded drugs. The same means that people no longer have to visit a drug store, and more importantly don't have to get hassled when they can't find the needed prescription drugs at a conventional drug store. All they have to do is visit a reputed online pharmacy like and order.

An online pharmacy also offers greater availability of drugs for people who don't live in a proximity of a pharmacy. The ease of comparative shopping among many sites to find the best prices is also a big factor for the increasing popularity of these stores selling prescription drugs. There is no denying the fact that the boom of online pharmacy stores has definitely helped people, but this has not come without drawbacks. For example, it has been reported that several websites are selling poor quality drugs, and there have been more than one instance of fraud. No wonder, medical specialists and Internet experts always stress that prescription drugs should always be bought from a reputed online pharmacy, selling FDA approved prescription drugs.

More and more customers in the United States are replacing their trip to a pharmacy with a click of the mouse where they have access to hundreds of websites offering online prescription drugs. Many of these stores selling prescription drugs have managed to earn the trust of their customers and the latter are doing regular dealings with them. However, in order to ensure that customers are not duped by this boom of online pharmacy stores, it is important to be cautious. For example, many online pharmacy stores require customers only to fill a questionnaire before ordering drugs. In this situation, there is no face to face interaction between the patient and the medical specialist, thereby bypassing direct medical supervision and physical examination, which undermines medical safeguards. It has been reported that due to this several patients have been on the receiving end of drug interactions and outdated drugs. The situation has become so alarming that FDA officials are investigating a number of these sites and plan to take legal action against any pharmacy indulging in the same.

Save yourself from being tricked

It isn't unusual to come across several online pharmacy sites shouting 'get online prescription drugs now- forget a doctor' or 'say goodbye to pain in an instant' or 'cure sugar with traditional herbs'. Learn not to get tricked by such statements. Consumers need to realize that many of these online drug stores are actively into unlawful prescribing, sell unapproved medical products and products marketed with fraudulent health claims.

Tips for using an online pharmacy:

With a view to ensue that online customers are given good quality and correct medicines, the US Pharmacopeia (USP) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have established quality control standards for all medications dispensed by pharmacies across the US. Some of the important tips are:

1)Never buy drugs from an online pharmacy that is willing to sell you medicines without a proper prescription or which sells drugs that are not FDA approved.

2)Avoid using an online pharmacy that does not offer access to a registered pharmacist to answer your questions.

3)Check with the NABP to see if the online pharmacy from which are going to order is in a good standing.

4)Don't purchase drugs from foreign websites.

5)Avoid websites that promise a quick cure to serious diseases.

6)It is always wise to consult your physician before taking a drug from an online pharmacy.

7)It is important to verify if the online pharmacy from which you are ordering medicines is licensed to deliver the medications to the residents of your state.

Following the above mentioned tips can definitely be instrumental in saving yourself from being duped by online drugstores. Be wise and make the best of the convenience and benefits offered by genuine online drug stores, skirting the shady ones.

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Living a Healthy Life 2

Energy In – Energy Out

Exercise is another dirty word for most of us. The thing is, exercise doesn’t have to be horribly time consuming or mind-numbingly boring. There are plenty of options.

Years ago gyms usually offered weight rooms, aerobics classes and maybe a tydro-circuit. Now you can add water aerobics, yoga, pilates, dance-ercise, step classes and a whole range of new workout options.

If you don’t really have the time or money for the gym, or prefer to spend your mornings/nights at home, then try an exercise bike or walker. I’d be lost without my exercise bike – I set it up in front of the television and peddle away merrily during my favourite shows.

If, like me, you suffer from illness or injury or your level of fitness is quite low, you might like to consider some invaluable advice that I got from my doctor:

Once you’re physically unfit, and particularly if you’re also unwell, it can be a mammoth battle to just do the most minimal amount of exercise in a day. The danger is that inactivity leads to further loss of energy, which becomes a self-perpetuating cycle until you can barely get off the couch.

An excellent way to get back into a physical routine is to start slowly. Ridiculously slowly, it may seem. For the first couple of weeks, walk/ride for 5 minutes per day – exactly 5 minutes, no more, even if you think you could continue. When the 2 weeks are up, increase to 7 minutes, then 10 minutes, 12 minutes… continue to gradually increase your activity until you’re at a level that you’re comfortable with.

It may sound a little silly, but it works. In effect, you trick your body into producing more energy. You’re building your exercise time up so slowly that your body doesn’t really realise what’s happening. Follow this method and, before you know it, you’ll be comfortably exercising within your limits every day.

So, folks, that’s the basics. If you can rearrange your life a little to allow for better eating habits and a little exercise, and if you remember to just drink a glass of water every half hour or so, you’ll be well on the way to living a healthy life. On a final note, don’t forget to take some quiet time for yourself. Meditating is an excellent way to minimise stress. You don’t have to sit around for hours, just give yourself 5 minutes of quiet time every day – even in the shower, if that’s the only place where you can get time out – and have a little catch up with yourself.

And, last but by no means least, laugh! In fact, laugh like a loon – the louder the better! You’ll be amazed at how much such a simple thing can lift your spirits!

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